Collection: Divan Beds

Every bed is different, you may have read a 5 star review but whilst a useful guide this means little to each individual. What one person may find comfortable another may find unbearable. We only sell beds that you can try in store, because sleep is that important we want to make sure it's right.

The choice of Bed Sizes

All our Mattresses & Beds come in various sizes to suit the size of your room and the people who will be using the bed. The standard sizes are single, double and king. For rooms that are particularly strapped for space, or for young children, a small single might be a better option. If you want something just a bit bigger than a single bed, you might choose to opt for a small double. Finally, if you want the height of comfort and luxury, a super king bed and mattress will definitely do the trick. It is important to note the king and super king beds are longer as well as wider than the single and double beds.

Beds with Storage

Most bedrooms need as much extra storage space as they can get. The best storage beds which offer the most extra space are our fantastic ottoman beds. In these beds, the mattress lifts up from the bottom or the side revealing a useful area beneath for you to store whatever you like. Using the space between the mattress and the floor, which is usually neglected, means you can fit plenty of things inside, freeing up valuable cupboard space elsewhere. We also have a wide choice of divan beds with drawers, including end drawers and drawers on the same side.

Free Delivery & Setup

All our mattresses, divan beds, and ottoman beds come with free delivery and setup. When we arrange your delivery you will get to choose the day and the timeslot that works for you. Our time slots are 2-3 hours so there's no need to be at home from 8am to 8pm!!! 

As well as offering free setup with all beds we also remove and recycle all our packaging as part of our free delivery service. We also offer a old bed/mattress disposal fee for a small fee.