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Alora Copper 2000 Divan

Alora Copper 2000 Divan

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Our Alora Copper divan bed has been developed to create a cool, clean and healthy sleeping environment, combining Copper Infused comfort with the added benefit of Copper also woven into the unique Belgian stretch cover.

The deep memory comfort layer copper adds Advanced SleepTechnology to your mattress. When the copper particles are compressed it results in a firming response ensuring more support where body weight is concentrated i.e. hips and shoulders.

Highgrove’s Copper Technology is also designed to help relieve sore and swollen joints and reduce inflammation. This mattress is anti-microbial and has anti-bacterial properties preventing odours from developing and keeping your mattress clean.

Highgrove’s New Generation EcoAdvantedge Pocket Spring System provides total body support across the entire sleep surface to ensure correct spinal alignment and further enhance sleep quality.

Designed as a no-turn mattress - please regularly rotate 180° to extend mattress life and performance.

Pocket Springs: 2000
Divan Bed: Available with or without drawers

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