Collection: Double Mattress

The Double Mattress (measuring 4'6" x 6'3" / 135cm x 190cm) is the most popular mattress size in the UK. To help you find your perfect double mattress we have over 40 models available including open coil, pocket sprung, natural filling, memory foam, gel, and natural latex mattresses. All our mattresses come with free local delivery with most models available to try in store.

Choosing your Double Mattress

All our quality mattresses offer excellent comfort and support, whether you're looking for a mattress for yourself, a new mattress for the guest room, or upgrading from a single mattress we're sure to have the mattress to suit your needs. All our mattresses get their primary support from their spring units (open coil or pocket sprung), with comfort layers of memory foam, gel, or natural fillings.

Your body shape will dictate which firmness is best for you, with lighter bodies requiring a softer support than heavier bodies. Memory foam mattresses are generally warmer than gel, latex or natural mattresses, which is both a benefit or a drawback depending on your preferences. The best advice as with all mattresses is to try before you buy, which you can do in our Prestatyn High Street store 7 days a week.